5 tips for successful project management with innovative software solutions

To only tie successful project management to a software is of course not enough to represent the overall complexity of modern project management. Nevertheless, it is a fact that project management with the right tools can aspire to a significantly higher potential than would be the case without a reasonable software solution. In this post, we would like to share five of our tips for successful project management that have proven to work in our experience.

1. Choosing the right project management software

Choosing the right project management software is crucial for an organisation. As the manufacturer of our own software solution, we know: COMAN is designed for the implementation of large projects in mechanical and plant engineering. At this level, COMAN will always work best. If you try to squeeze software into a corset that doesn't fit, the results will fall short of what could be expected from working with a better-fit solution. So if you invest enough time and resources in finding the right project management tools before deciding on a software solution, you will notice this later in the quality of the work. For example, COMAN's modular design allows it to be tailored precisely to companies and projects – making it possible to cover a wide range of applications.

2. Communication

Communication – small word, big effect. One of the most important project management tips is to clearly document and communicate project progress at all times. Thus, key action and decision makers are best able to draw the right conclusions when they have a complete picture of the situation. Thus, failures or setbacks should also be clearly communicated. With project management software like COMAN, where all project participants keep their respective responsibilities up to date, communicating the progress of the project is much easier, especially when viewed as a group. Each work step is part of the whole and should also be considered in the context of the corresponding interactions with other areas.

3. Assessing yield and effort correctly

A major project always consists of countless individual parts that, when put together correctly, make up a large whole. However, it is possible to overdo it. Because perfectionism is the mother of project delay, employees should know where the perfect solution will bring a proportionally large advantage and where minimal return is opposed to maximum effort. Moreover, if necessary, these decisions can be discussed within the team, which brings us back to point 2 – reliable communication.

4. Keeping an eye on the schedule

The COVID-19 crisis has just shown it again – executing projects in mechanical and plant engineering is a constant balancing act of materials availability and task feasibility. So how is successful project management still possible? Especially tight schedules in large projects quickly get into a spiral of missed deadlines and cascading consequences due to small delays. With project management software that clearly integrates progress reports and parts lists for all tasks at hand, potential bottlenecks can be identified and addressed in advance. In COMAN, for example, this happens with the help of Smart Objects. A proactive approach benefits all employees and ultimately the schedule.

5. Give due recognition to project completion

When a project is successfully completed, it is always a moment of joy – for employees who have invested a lot of energy in completing their tasks, as well as for the project management team, which has often navigated the challenges of the project over months or years. A successful project conclusion should therefore be celebrated.

With the end of a project, the blinders often come off for those involved and they recognize where there was potential for improvement or for future tasks. In addition to celebrating success, reflection on achievements and processes should therefore be a standard part of the final step. In this way, the proud moment simultaneously becomes an important learning experience for the future. In COMAN, the seamless documentation of progress, shortcomings and solutions means that a final performance evaluation can be created as a PDF or PowerPoint with just one click.

Conclusion: Successful project management only works as a team

Successful project management is always based on cooperation as a team. Companies in which key employees always go their own way will sooner or laterpay for it. Project management software like COMAN makes it easier to collaborate with each other and with external forces so that the end result can be a successful experience. Communication, an eye for the big picture, and last but not least, trust among each other, are fostered with such an approach, which breaks down the entire project into smaller and smaller components.