Creating structure with a project management software

Effective time management is a valuable asset for many mechanical and plant engineering applications and can be enhanced with a project management software. If each person knows what needs to be done when, the efficiency of the processes running in the project increases quite automatically. In this article, we explain some of the best tips for effective time management with project management software.

Achieve efficient project management with software

With a software for efficient project management, the days of paperwork and notes written in passing are over. Working with a project management software introduces, among other advantages, clearly structured processes by which employees can increase their effectiveness: Responsibilities are clearly defined – so everyone only has to deal with what really concerns them. Here are some of the other advantages of effective time management with project management software:

1. Prevent distractions

Being able to concentrate fully on one task – this is what modern project management software for mechanical and plant engineering promises. With COMAN, this division is very easy – detailed management functions for authorisations ensure that employees only see what really concerns them. This sharpened focus helps to ensure that tasks can be processed more quickly and in a more targeted manner.

2. Progress visualisation

A task is easier if there is a reward waiting at the end – even if it is purely psychological. COMAN creates order in project execution with the use of so-called Smart Objects – individual parts and assemblies can be selected interactively based on the blueprints in the project management software and coloured differently depending on the status of a task. If a task is successfully completed, the corresponding element turns green. Red marks a task that still needs work or is behind schedule. In addition, there are various other easily understandable colour codes. This is how proven workflows are created from goals over the course of a project, tackling one item at a time.

3. Simplification of tasks

Complex and difficult tasks can have a negative effect on the effectiveness of the work. The solution: tasks are broken up into smaller blocks in the project management software. This increases clarity on an individual basis and creates a regular sense of achievement. With this approach, which is based on object-oriented project management, complex processes are transformed from a marathon into a series of sprints that are much easier to complete. With a finish line in sight, the willingness to motivate oneself again and again increases.

4. Optimise communication

Communication is an important component of workflow in any profession. With a project management software like COMAN, which divides its functions into different applications, these processes can be optimised, as can communication. This applies to external communication with suppliers as well as to internal communication with colleagues. Externally, the desired effect is achieved, for example, through progress-based, automated mailings. Internally, the introduction of contact persons with clearly defined areas of responsibility helps – incidentally, this also applies to questions about the software itself, for example, as part of a software introduction. The efficient management of contacts and messages helps to keep the focus on the tasks at hand.

Efficient time management thanks to focus on the essentials

Efficient time management with project management software is about focusing on the essential aspects of work. Disentangling complicated or complex tasks into smaller building blocks, as COMAN has been doing successfully for years with Smart Objects, is a fundamental tool here. Visual signals also clearly indicate when a task has been completed or when it still requires increased attention. This also creates a clear list of priorities in the mind, which can be used as a basis for working.