Finding the right project management software for a company

For many companies in industry and especially in mechanical and plant engineering, selecting the right project management software is an enormously important piece of the puzzle in optimizing day-to-day work in large-scale projects. So in order to find the right project management software, the company’s own needs should first be analysed in detail. On this basis, the search for the perfect software solution and a well-founded briefing of the employees can subsequently take place.

How companies find the right project management software

Finding the right project management software is the final goal of a process in which companies have the opportunity to listen to employees, improve processes and thus save both time and money in the long run.

A large amount of data is generated in every major project. How this is processed is crucial to the efficiency of a company's working methods. The search for the right project management software is therefore also an opportunity to examine existing processes, check them for improvement potential and ultimately improve them as part of the software implementation. To this end, it can already be useful for those responsible to talk to employees and ask them about their opinion of the current processes and any hidden potential that may exist. Often, such a step is already an important step towards progress and helps in the definition of goals.

Once the demands on a new project management software are clarified following the internal company analysis, the management level of the group entrusted with the procurement can start the search. Clearly formulated intentions with regard to the expected improvements limit the selection of providers to a manageable level right from the start. As with any acquisition, it is then a matter of weighing benefits and costs in the best possible way and making the right decision based on the underlying information.

What the right project management software should be able to do

Choosing the right project management software opens up entirely new possibilities, especially for companies that have had some catching up to do when it comes to digitization and/or digitalization. With the help of a software solution, organizing and sorting the volumes of data from large projects becomes much easier. This is especially true if the project management software has a sufficient number of interfaces that can be used to process data from different sources quickly and reliably. The progress of the project should also be clearly visible at all times, whether as a whole or per individual part or assembly.

Another factor that is very important when selecting the right project management software is the aspect of defect management. Software that considers defect management as part of an overall working solution will have clear advantages over a separate one in terms of processing time and ease of use. That is why defect management is also of high importance in the COMAN software. In a large project, despite the best preparations some things will not go exactly according to plan, which is why competent defect management plays an enormously important role in minimizing the loss of time and progress.

Convincing employees of the project management software

All aspects of project management being combined in one software solution is a relief for the employees. After all, the people who ultimately work with the software should also be able to use it as effectively as possible. For an introduction, the advantages of the new software should be clearly worked out with the help of training courses and hands-on meetings. For this purpose, it makes sense to establish so-called key users, who intercept the questions and concerns of employees and either answer them directly or pass them on. In particular, users who worked with another system for a long time may find it difficult to switch and may profit from the help provided. The creation of key users establishes a clear hierarchy, which makes it much easier to establish the project management software.

Ultimately, the keys to a successful search for the right project management software are analysing the current state, working out goals, checking the range of functions, and finally, working with the employees.

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