Our software is for all sites and any field – whether brown or green.

With every new factory built, you can be sure that components and systems need to be added, maintained and modernized – not just during construction but also afterwards. COMAN lets you control all these phases as if from a single hand. Our object-oriented project management approach combines the 4 elements of CAD layout, project schedules, quantity structure and milestones. Take control and transparency to a new level!


Used by OEMs in planning, construction and ramp-up of plants.

Can be used in the various project phases and versatile in the areas. No matter if body shop, assembly, laxcracking or pressing plant: COMAN is not interested in what it works on, but that the work is done. Like a satellite, we bring the updates from planning directly on-site, and from there the deviations (changed issues) back to planning.

Discover problems before they hatch!

Imagine working on your construction site and having everyone see it! We record the progress of all the participants and provide transparency where you could otherwise easily lose track of things. Whether for checklists or milestones, we use colour codes and symbols to indicate who is dealing with delays and who has generated time buffers. Not everyone likes this – but it brings you to success faster.

Let all involved collaborate in real-time. No matter their level or location.

The Project Lead is in Shanghai, the Planner is mentally between Nevada and nowhere and right now, the Blue Collar has no on-site signal. No problem with COMAN! Thanks to offline capability, a clear roles and rights system and standardized reporting formats, anyone, anywhere can find and share the information they need. Worldwide, on any device.

COMAN as the common denominator

Are the incompatible files from different departments, the conflicting wording in important documents and a multitude of varied implementation tools drive you up the wall? Stay cool! Thanks to our interfaces, we create uniformity, synchronize between participants and as an intelligent data hub, we can recognize components and assign data correctly. You don’t have to worry about the peculiarities of others and they can join in without leaving their comfort zone or software landscape.

There’s no reason for sleepless nights when changing suppliers.

Suppliers should provide components, not cause complications! Together we can keep an eye on your providers target-performance ratio, quality and execution of service. Thanks to real-time progress recording, revision security and our app LoP for immediate problem tracking and notification, you can coordinate easily and correct errors quickly.

We grew by tackling our partner’s daily challenges.

A decade ago we started developing our idea in a joint venture between Daimler, VW, TKSY and Siemens. The goal: to close the digital gap in plant engineering and ramp-up management of the automotive industry. The result: Our unique project collaboration software, which is now available for all the players on the market.

It’s just a short sprint to ROI

In 400 projects for 13 global corporations, we have regularly delivered time and cost savings of up to 30%. Would you like to achieve this (and more) with us? In a pilot project, we can discuss your parameters, create a Tesla model in COMAN and together, we can take a look at how to float your boat.

the German Car Industry with something evolved from it?

Those behind the idea

Timur Ripke


Timur loves the feeling of speed whilst remaining calm. For Timur, getting from A to B means not only overcoming distances, but also making progress. At least in real time.

Sven Kägebein


When people encounter machines, many see the conflicts. Sven only has the merger in mind. Whether at the Fraunhofer Institute then or with his baby today.

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