Multi-project management at a glance – a manager’s everyday life with the dashboard

The daily frustrations of a project manager, already at work at 7:30 to start the day. The coffee machine is running and there’s just time for a little chat with the colleagues before heading to your desk. The first task is a status update – how're things in China? Are the suppliers in South Africa on schedule? Are unexpected problems mounting up?

The PowerPoint report form the site manager in China isn’t here yet but yesterday was the deadline… Again, you need to call, check-up, and exert some pressure. No answer. Time to write a clear, yet diplomatic email… At the same time, a heated call from the project manager in South Africa – no movement on-site in Durban, the expected delivery hasn’t arrived. But first the project in China. 08:45 – the project status report is finally here, but it is not complete – where is the evaluation of the last project phase? The acceptance date is now at risk again, but the client has been breathing down your neck for a several weeks. Try and keep your cool…

Communications Expert and Puppetmaster

Project managers are responsible for the simultaneous coordination and supervising of numerous sites. It is essential to have secure information flowing over numerous layers to ensure goal and results-driven success. Difficult if things are not uniformly communicated, if building process is not accessible or when the relevant project status does not match up with reality.

On top of all that, if a project develops critical deviations from the stated goal, then corrective measures need to be implemented as soon as possible. Also a task for the project manager. You need an overview and all the strings in your hand. Intelligent dashboard solutions are therefore an excellent starting point. Through fixed KPIs and metrics they allow you to autonomously synchronize and collate project data in condensed form. Statistics, maps, images or diagrams help you visualize and gain an overview of complex data and realities.

The choice of dashboard solutions is wide, but most fail at the attempt to gather and collate data from various sources. The problem is simple – there is no cross-compatibility or a system-wide data throughput. A topic where we decided to tackle the challenge. What were our results?

The COMAN Dashboard

With the COMAN Dashboard all the decision-makers get a central control interface which visually collates project information from each site and allows for a detailed monitoring right up to the last level of a project – mobile, round-the-clock and in real-time! The ideal tool to gain a clear view of the complex whole and support you in making the necessary decisions.

“Project managers don’t have much time. […] With the dashboard you get an immediate overview of project status at one glance and can imagine in the smallest detail, where delays originate! That is the be-all and end-all!” - Sven Kägebein, CEO of COMAN

Which phase is a project in? How delayed are we, as a percent? How far the suppliers with the production of the parts? Simply open your COMAN Dashboard and get all the status capture information you need at-a-glance - and not just that!

Through the connection to COMAN Manager*, the Dashboard can now display overarching project analysis, interactive ramp-up curves or a graphical representation of the whole performance of all of your projects. Additionally, the manager can open COMAN LoP (List of Open Points) or the COMAN Mobile Satellite-App which allows one to see and edit all project data transparently. The new Dashboard allows for an easily accessible overview of the project status and thereby integrates a new level of detail for every process - either finished, in progress, or still to come. Project managers get a previously unrivalled degree of information regarding progress which allows for the identification and implementation of cost-saving measures.

“COMAN manages to implement tracking from the very, very lowest levels of the pyramid, allowing schedules to come alive” - Sven Kägebein

We at COMAN work continuously to unite our expertise with our target market, allowing our products to contain the most important elements. Our solution is based on the wishes, ideas, and needs of the plant engineering project managers of giants such as Volkswagen, Daimler, BMW and many more.

Plant Engineering Project Management with COMAN

7:30 – the day beings. As usual, first stop is the coffee machine and the daily chit-chat. Then to your desk, open the dashboard and get an overview of all your projects. But first a status-check in China – the project is nearly finished, and the site leader has checked off his list as discussed. Great! On to Durban. 12% delayed. The pie chart is clear. But what is the cause of the hold-up? A quick check of the LoP App suffices. No need to panic - the team on the ground have identified and traced the problem, everything is under control. Nothing cost related or safety relevant, so onto the next site. 8:45 – time for the next coffee.

*COMAN Manager is the heart of COMAN. The central location, where all project information is gathered and with the help of apps, autonomously forwarded to all project participants.