Collaboration is our core topic. No matter whether it’s about cooperation between contractors and clients in plant construction or about collaboration between internal departments. We offer solutions for those points of friction that simplify cooperation and reduce misunderstandings in communication. This saves time, costs and strain.
An extraordinary partnership is also our origin. COMAN was developed in the laboratories of the innovation hub inpro – a joint venture of industrial giants who are still among our customers today.


Our site management tool can be configured down to the smallest detail to meet the needs of the customer. In order to get to know them in every detail, companies often come into play that support the OEMs as technology partners in project planning and supervision. This way, the customer’s requirements and the most innovative solutions are brought together.  

Do you consult OEMs on the management of complex large-scale projects?  

Are you looking for state-of-the-art solutions that will prepare you for the future?


Anyone who, like us, is committed to the topics of data consistency and standardisation cannot fulfil this mission alone – especially in such an interdisciplinary industry as the automotive industry. And since the topic encompasses many aspects, it is important to span the network widely: with conferences, expert working groups and direct exchange. Together we represent interests and sharpen our view of the market.   


Develop an almost unrivalled product with an incredible range of adaptations and bring it to market? We did it! To ensure that we are available to customers worldwide, we rely on international trade and technology partners. Thus, we complement external portfolios, but we are also a platform that can integrate external solutions.

Do you innovate industries worldwide with innovations?  

Or do you have a digital solution yourself that could hook-up with COMAN? 


Digitalisation is a long-term issue that affects all conceivable institutions. While companies primarily look at immediate field benefits, research is concerned with causes and paradigms. And COMAN is somewhere in the middle of it. So we provide students with insights and experiences for which we gain knowledge in exchange.