The COMAN product world, primarily an app package, is licensed for and delivered with the full version of the software. In addition, there are independent infrastructural elements that play as instruments in COMAN orchestration due to their specially developed logic.

At the heart of our product world is the Manager, used to set up and control projects from the desktop. From there, project information about and from applications is imported and shared with the right users.

“How much is all this?”

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COMAN Lineup on rugged devices.


COMAN Manager

The COMAN Manager is at the heart of our ecosystem. From here, project information is shared with participants via the applications. Key users get quick access to their tools, control over contributors and insight into all the work steps carried out.

Features & Benefits:

  • Unlimited number of users -you can always include those you need
  • Easy set up of roles and views for all contributors
  • Guest access allows convenient temporary users
  • Real-time project updates status keeps everyone in the loop
  • Inventory sync keeps your data up-to-date
  • Automatic data import/export to all participants
  • Defect Management built-in to allow for smooth follow-ups
  • Status recording keeps the information flowing
  • On-demand report generation simplifies sharing of latest developments
  • Finely granulated scheduling allows for precise timings
  • Digital Signatures ensure your message is trusted

Designed for the needs of:

  • Key-Users
  • Administrators
  • Project and site managers

Desktop / Laptop

COMAN Mobile

Our Mobile App is the companion that collects and delivers information for all your connected users, showing each only the information cleared for his or her profile. The app is lightweight and enables fast, intuitive, on-the-go status recording.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fully featured app for on-site progress recording
  • Real-time reporting for instant updates
  • Continuously buffered offline functionality
  • Layout visualizations to help users conceive what is happening
  • Supports video, photos and files to ensure 360° understanding
  • Annotation and comment function to ensure information exchange
  • OS agnostic software which can be installed on almost any device

Recommended for:

  • Project and site managers
  • Foreman
  • Suppliers

Tablet / Mobile – iOS & Android
Browser – All Systems


The LoP (List of open points) App is our instrument for quality assurance. Since defect tracking is a core on-site discipline, we have turned a four-stage process into a dedicated application. Defects are recorded via note, photo, video or protocol (1) and corresponding measures are immediately assigned to the responsible person, informed both through the app and by e-mail (2). Until the corrections and feedback (3) are carried out, the defect is played into the system in order to notify all users about any possible influences on the project status. Finally, the defect capturer is obliged to check the open point and close the process (4).

Features & Benefits:

  • On-site defect tracking allows for immediate reporting
  • QR Code Support for simplified tracking
  • Definition of responsibilities to ensure the right person takes charge
  • Automatic e-mail notifications to speed your workflow
  • Buffering for continuous offline functionality, even when you have no network coverage
  • Intuitive workflow to ensure even your newest partners can find the information and help they need
  • Supports video, photos and documents, to ensure 360° understanding
  • Annotation and comment function to ensure information is shared
  • OS agnostic software which can be installed on almost any device

Recommended for:

  • Building inspectors
  • Project and site managers
  • Foreman
  • Suppliers
Tablet / Mobile – iOS & Android
Browser – All Systems

COMAN Dashboard

Dashboard is tailored to the demands of decision-makers and managers. With this superior monitoring tool, configurable graphics allow you to easily identify delays across projects and initiate countermeasures – worldwide and in real time.

Features & Benefits:

  • 360° monitoring to ensure you see everything
  • Overreaching Project Analysis
  • Easy Charts and Diagrams

Recommended for:

  • Project Managers
  • Project Coordinators
  • OEM
Browser – All Systems

COMAN Server

Our Server works as a well-structured control center, supporting interaction and smooth application operation. We offer users security through encryption according to the latest standards. Our servers are located in Germany and are obviously ISO-certified.

Features & Benefits:

  • ISO 27001 certified to safeguard your data
  • Encryption to keep your data private
  • Automated backups to ensure nothing gets lost
  • Lightweight design to keep things speedy
  • Server 2 server synchronization to facilitate data exchange


Our solution to mount bidirectional couplings through libraries independently of AutomationML for engineering data of all disciplines. As clear as mud? No problem, that’s exactly why we developed our Transformation Tool Suite. Put simply, it ensures comprehensive linking to existing interfaces, enables the creation of new connections and translates data into a form that can be processed on both sides – even when two independent servers have to exchange and synchronize within the project cycle. TTS creates real synchronization, where others import and export only.

Features & Benefits:

  • Regular bi-directional synchronization with external programs throughout the whole project cycle 
  • File- or API-based Interfaces gives you full deployment flexibility

We provide interfaces to:

  • Scheduling software such as MS-Project, Primavera, CPlace, RPlan Planner, and Powerproject 
  • Engineering Tools such as ProcessDesigner, Delmia, Microstation, AutoCad
  • General software systems e.g. MS-Office, SAP, JIRA
  • and also support data formats such as AutomationML, IFC, OPC-UA, PLCOpenXML, XML, JSON