Project management: optimum protection of software and data with “server fortification”

For modern project management software, the functionality of the infrastructure is a central requirement. The central task is to secure and process large amounts of data via the available servers. This ensures the software’s basic functional readiness: data must be able to be recorded, secured, understood and updated in the software in order to be able to exploit the fundamental advantages.

Project management: securing and processing software data synchronously on servers

The amount of data that has to be recorded and processed in a project management software is often very large, especially for complex projects. If interfaces are used at various points, this data must also be transferred from the original application to the project management software and vice versa. If data is lost in these processes or cannot be saved, this may have an immediate effect on further work – in particular, when dependencies exist and one side cannot continue working without the progress of another.

One solution that COMAN successfully applies is the comprehensive linking of the software with interfaces via TTS (Transformation Tool Suite). Data is regularly adjusted, and synchronised, even independently of user input. In this way, the existing data in the system is always at a level that reflects current progress. Subsequent post-processing is not necessary. TTS supports interfaces to specialised programmes, such as scheduling systems and engineering tools, as well as to general software. Numerous file formats are read out and, if necessary, translated.

A pleasant side effect of this intelligent system is that all parties, such as the client and the various contractors, can continue to work with their usual programmes. Familiar processes are not disturbed by individual needs, which increases effectiveness. If different parties are working on a job in one app, only the previously defined, relevant data is synchronised. This so-called "Server 2 Server Synchronization" eliminates the need for double documentation.

Project management software via internal or external servers

The question of whether a project management software should run on company-owned or external servers has no clear answer – both methods have advantages and disadvantages. If there is no corresponding server landscape in the company, the question is superfluous in any case. The advantage of a COMAN solution is that the Server we offer our customers for hosting the software are located in a German data centre certified to ISO 27001 and thus are providing certified quality.

The security of a project management software goes far beyond its basic functionality. After all, projects in industry often involve working with data that is particularly worth protecting. To ensure that this data is not unexpectedly lost or falls into the wrong hands, it is protected against data loss and secured by state-of-the-art encryption.

Conclusion: optimum backup of project management data on servers

The data processed in project management software is subject to constant change. Particularly in the case of larger or more complex projects, updates are often made every minute. So that everyone can benefit from the data, the software should be backed up by a server infrastructure that provides both security and sufficient freedom of design. The first guarantees the existence and timeliness of the data, the latter enables the user to work with it.

Thanks to a sophisticated utilisation and security concept, COMAN fulfils both requirements with excellence. Regular, automated backups, specific synchronisation and an extensive network of interfaces to other programs are outstanding aspects of our “server fortification”, ensuring the best possible data quality for project management.