Project management software for project documentation: our tips

Project management software is a great help in all areas of the project. Both implementation and documentation benefit from the fact that all important data is available in one place. Paperwork and incomplete reports are specifically put to challenge, while complete documentation also creates opportunities for the future.

1. Observe foundations for project documentation

As with every aspect of working on a large project, the basics of project documentation are essential. This includes determining in advance how much documentation should be included and provided over the course of the project. There should be a healthy balance between effort and impact on the process. Reports on important decisions, progress reports, and defects are, of course, among the absolute essentials of project documentation. In addition, there are various other influencing factors in the course of a project.

2. Make employees responsible for the project documentation

When it comes to project documentation, there is even the risk that too many cooks spoil the broth – especially if the approach is disorganized. For this reason, it is extremely helpful to engage the employees right from the kick-off. If the requirements for project documentation are clearly communicated right from the start, thus if the standards are clarified as early as possible, it makes everyone's work easier. Over time, employees also get used to the new software and creating reports becomes a routine task. The longer they work with the project management software, the easier the tasks become for everyone – including the project documentation.

3. Benefit of the project management software

In the application of a project management software, it is of course vital to make the most of the given possibilities. For example, COMAN is able to generate reports and reportings via the Manager and various apps, each of which corresponds to the status entered in the software. This is automatically updated and is then available to all other users who are currently online as well. In this way, information gaps can be avoided and no additional confusion arises in complex large projects. With the options available, there is no longer any reason to skimp on project documentation.

4. Prepare for the future thanks to project documentation

After each project, there is a wealth of data that can be evaluated. This treasure chest of information should absolutely be used. On the one hand, to review the completed project and find the causes for any weaknesses that may have occurred. On the other hand, this work is a way to prepare the team for future projects: the lessons learned can still be of great use in future tasks.

Conclusion: work better with project documentation

Project documentation is much easier nowadays thanks to the availability of modern project management software. Data is clearly disposed and can be compiled into reports that add to the picture of the overall project step by step. After successful completion, this documentation also serves as an opportunity to collect and process valuable findings for future tasks.