The Future is Happening!

No one could have expected the current crisis nor have predicted its consequences.  We all, though, recognise it for what it is – time to re-think processes. As in the past, movement, mobility and adaptability will continue to be vital – especially in the innovation-driven automotive industry. With COMAN project execution software you can start right now to simplify both the control and execution of your next projects. Save on future plants and production lines by making projects synchronous, uniform and transparent for all those involved. 

Break new ground now – because “during the crisis” is also “before the next ramp-up”. COMAN can be easily integrated into existing software landscapes. Get started now and get to know us. Register by May 31st 2020 and the first 2 months are complementary!

Automotive Production: An ever-changing Industry

Even before the current standstill, renewal and movement were the main focus of OEMs and suppliers – with e-mobility as the driving issue. In addition, the constant challenges posed by falling sales figures, emissions issues, globalized markets Independent of it all, smooth communication is key. Data consistency ensures that you can record the progress of all construction site activities in real-time and thus coordinate the parties involved in a revision-proof manner.   

Registration for a two-month pilot project to coordinate your requirements for our systems is open until May 31st 2020.

Save at our expense

We synchronize all authorized persons and their data, joining them to a common denominator; saving you time, money and nerves. With COMAN, you can digitize project processes in an umbrella solution that were previously handled in analogue or isolated applications. Pen and paper, Excel and tools such as digital calendars have undisputed advantages – but also obvious weaknesses. Misunderstandings and transmission caused by delays and versioning are inevitable. This can have serious consequences, especially with dynamic project data that is made available for collaborative working. The significant dependencies between OEMs and suppliers in the automotive industry are all the more susceptible to this disruption thanks to their size.

Use our ROI calculator to discover where and how we can improve your performance by 30%. Register by 31st May 2020 to get the first 60 days with our compliments.

Learn communicating anew

Adapting to new digital working methods has become daily routine for us all. Readiness and courage to get involved in something new are being tested right now and will bring proven benefits after the crisis. Take  the chance to look at things with a fresh pair of eyes and optimize  outdated processes. COMAN can integrate your existing workflows, allowing you to gradually get used to new ways of working. Your team does not have to change their existing software tools, will be able to work on-the-go and familiarize themselves with new possibilities. 

Take advantage of our complementary two-month pilot-project and discover not just the numerous interfaces our software offers, but also the integrations which accompany you from construction site to office and back again. Get our expert advice at no charge if you register by 31st May 2020!

What we offer

Our mission: simplifying your team’s daily tasks during the plant construction phase. Linking the fields of activity and optimizing collaboration between suppliers is a huge challenge and our area of expertise.  Since there is no on-site activity at the moment, there is no progress to track. In the context of the current crisis, we are offering our two-month pilot-phase free of charge. This allows you to investigate what we have to offer without monetary risk – whether a whole project or just a part -, adapting it to your needs and not making a financial commitment.


Our ROI calculator allows you to determine your needs in a consultation and start a pilot project for simple integration. We offer a full range of project consulting, implementation, initialization and hosting. Our active support is accompanied by a weekly virtual conference and training material.

construction management
for automotive plant engineering.

Digital progress tracking with visualization and synchronization brings all participants to a common denominator in one system. 

Who else uses COMAN

We were already helping our clients deal with the unexpected on their construction sites well before the current crisis. In the last 10 years we’ve made over 400 projects run more efficiently and transparently with our visual progress tracking- no matter whether it`s the coordination of processes, collaboration between contractors and clients, or making your reporting procedures much more efficient. Our references. 

Timur Ripke


Timur loves the feeling of speed whilst remaining calm. For Timur, getting from A to B means not only overcoming distances, but also making progress. At least in real time.

Sven Kägebein


When people encounter machines, many see the conflicts. Sven only has the merger in mind. Whether at the Fraunhofer Institute then or with his baby today.

Two month free of charge if you sign up until 31th of May 2020.

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