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Transparency for complex projects

Plan deadlines, control progress and delays, record issues, keep an eye on checklists, work collaboratively.
Take your project management to a new level.
With COMAN to the 'Digital Project Twin' and immediately save costs, gain time and quality.

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Less effort


Lower travel costs


Less delays

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With our desktop, mobile and single-server software environment, you capture your project deadlines, participants and documents in one system. We create data consistency between your departments and the project phases.
Save effort, time and nerves.

  • Modular reporting – customized and global
  • Issue management – audit-proof and integrated 
  • Roles, rights and views – targeted and flexible 
  • Smart Interfaces – compatible and future oriented 
  • Server 2 Server – stable and independent


Years Experience


Large-scale projects


Global Corporations

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After +8 years in development, having been tested in over 400 projects for more than a dozen global corporations, COMAN‘s flexible approach proves it a versatile necessity in all kinds of fields. Designed with the needs of mechanical and plant engineering in mind, it is loved in the construction and remodeling industries and also worth its weight in gold in for both clients and contractors in startup management. For example at:

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Numerous participants

Stakeholders often have different interests and priorities, their own timetables and structures.

Complex high-tech

Components in the production chains have high dependencies.

Sensitive data

Not every bit of information is intended for every project participant.

Inconsistent language

Clients, contractors and company departments involved in a major project often use their own wording, leading to misunderstandings.

Various tools

The applications used are numerous – often often there are even redundant piles of paper on site.

Delayed processing

Using obsolete data leads to errors that affect production and documentation.

All this leads to:

Delays, loss of time, cost explosions, recriminations, overtime and endless revisions

„We face those issues too!“

Learn how to integrate a COMAN pilot project into your workflow.


Progress visualization through Smart Objects

COMAN connects a construction site’s analog and digital worlds. Real elements such as robots, transport technology or switch boxes are displayed on their digitally pre-planned positions in the CAD layout and linked with relevant information from schedules or parts lists. These create processes and dependencies between the construction site objects, displayed with easy-to-understand color codes and symbols. Progress and delays are instantly captured and this simplifies the tracking of the degree of on-site completion. A method showing all the processes happening on-site can be displayed in the same scheme.

Data centralization through
Smart Objects

In addition to displaying the stage of completion, Smart Objects can act as data nodes. All the information about an object is collected centrally. This significantly simplifies processing and documentation, as all documents, defects, open points, comments and status records are stored directly “at the scene”. With the COMAN mobile apps, this information can also be easily entered on-site.

Standardization through harmonization

Projects work better when the participants talk about the same thing in “one language” and thus interact in the same way. Terms and characteristics are determined during project initialization and established by COMAN for all the users in the process. Names may be proposed or adopted from existing structures. This simplifies project communication and minimizes both misunderstandings and friction losses.

Information control through roles, rights and views

Large projects with different participants require independent perspectives. Depending on the user’s role, only relevant information is accessible.. Individual access for employees, suppliers, partners and clients determines which users can view and edit which information. This reduction of complexity eliminates errors before they can occur.

Synchronization through interface coverage

COMAN is linked to 95% of industry-standard applications, so project data synchronization is both automatic and real-time. Manual maintenance is avoided to ensure the same and actual information is accessible in real-time for all project participants – no matter which program is operated. The open API also guarantees that new or unusual applications can be integrated.

Unlimited availability through offline use

Access to the project is, of course, possible worldwide at any time. However, the Internet is neither stable nor available in every corner of the world. This can be problematic for production facilities outside metropolitan areas. But COMAN works offline too! Once the project has been loaded onto the terminal device, it is permanently buffered. No matter if this is a desktop, laptop or a mobile device. The multi-user functionality on the server synchronizes all the changes made by offline users in parallel. Nothing is lost or overwritten.

Project documentation through automatic report generation

Any and all of all the data collected in COMAN can be exported. Whether as PDF reports, ramp-up curves, Gantt charts, Excel, PowerPoint files or construction site diaries – the possibilities for documentation are virtually endless. These files are fast to generate as reports are enabled at the touch of a button. And, since COMAN users have different needs, statistics and status reports can be individually adapted to suit.

Security through backend-architecture

The underlying server solution works as a hub of applied logic. It can either be hosted on the company’s own server or on COMAN ISO-certified, German-based servers. The latest encryption technology also ensures data loss protection through instant recovery. COMAN uses “Server 2 Server Synchronization”, so when clients and contractors work independently with COMAN, only relevant, shared data is synchronized on their servers. This allows each party to maintain their own structures, terms and internal standards, eliminating the need for duplicate documentation for both parties.

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Through individual approaches, COMAN provides the common denominator for employees at different hierarchical levels.


Thanks to insights into the work steps of all participants, delays are counteracted before they occur.


Layout-based presentation and color codes make dependencies and progress easily identifiable.


The experience of individual users flows into development. This ensures modern standards for everyone.


In addition to saving time within a project, further software licenses and travel costs are reduced.


The complete and undeletable documentation of all work guarantees problem-free project handling.