Customer Story

Achenbach Buschhütten GmbH & Co. KG

Use Case: Machine Engineering

About the customer
The family-owned company Achenbach Buschhütten has already impressed with several world market leadership positions. It manufactures turnkey rolling mills for non-ferrous metal processing industries. Supplying in over 60 countries the company needs to match a wide variety of conditions. At Achenbach, they have been providing cutting-edge solutions for eight generations, leading the special machinery manufacturer into future. Find out here what role COMAN has played in this for the past five years.

About the case
Despite far-reaching and extensive expertise, there is no blueprint for this: a special machine, designed and tested at home, has to be set up at a destination on foreign terrain – with previously uninvolved players and subcontractors. Irregularities are inevitable. However, the machine manufacturer is responsible for the timely and accurate commissioning. In this user report, you will learn how machine builders can gain more control over their construction sites while dealing with adversity that cannot be completely planned for in advance.

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Mechanical Engineers
Site Managers
Project Planners
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“High standardisation, shorter phone calls,
more structured on-site execution!“

Thomas Lautwein, Head of Site Management, Achenbach Buschhütten GmbH & Co. KG


• Insufficient status overview
of oversea construction sites

• Machine assembly
at a foreign destination

• Coordination of various
unknown teams and suppliers

• Dealing with different
data sources

• Reports with outdated data


• Progress visualisation via
symbols and colour codes

• Real-time synchronisation
of all involved parties

• Information control through
role and rights management

• Centralisation of all
project information and data formats

• Automatic reporting according
to customer requirements