What does COMAN do?

COMAN simplifies project management through centralized data and automatic comparisons. It offers customizable reports for seamless tracking. Designed for global projects, it increases efficiency for companies of all sizes.

Discover all of COMAN's know-how transfer, from data integration to the various services we offer that are tailored to your needs.

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Expolit your Data Troves.
Taking aproactive approach

COMAN is a fully integrated project management software with a centralized data approach that was developed specifically to simplify project management and project planning. The software processes data in a unique visualized way, automatically provides target/actual plan comparisons, enables object-oriented control of project content and provides customizable controlling and management reports at the touch of a button - within a single system and without media disruptions.

As COMAN adapts flexibly to upstream and downstream systems, the software serves as a central component of a sustainable digitalization strategy and provides you with a comprehensive, uniform and central overview of all your project data - regardless of whether it concerns past project changes, current progress reports, recorded open points or other documentation. An overview of poor adherence to schedules is a thing of the past.

Our "best practice" solution is based on many years of experience from current customers and offers implemented functions that have been jointly developed in a practical and needs-oriented manner to meet everyday requirements. COMAN software supports senior management and project managers as well as project stakeholders and industry leaders worldwide to optimally manage their global projects and is flexible and scalable, making it suitable for companies of all sizes.

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Data Integration? Simply indispensable!

Best-in-class performance due to flexibily configurable data transfer processes

Intelligent: The COMAN software can be connected very flexibly to a wide variety of upstream systems, for example scheduling, construction planning (CAD), ERP, IRP, ticket system and much more. Various interfaces transfer all relevant data and information from the management systems associated with the project. A special tool ensures that the different data in COMAN is structured and merged in a sustainable manner. As a result, you receive standardized access to the information and data from the upstream systems, presented seamlessly and clearly.

COMAN software thus creates a uniform basis for project planning, project analysis and tracking, as well as for customizable standard reporting.
The "software follows concept" principle also applies here: as the user, you can define which data should be transferred and how often this data should be synchronized in the upstream and downstream systems.

Can’t Combine Standard + Flexible? Yes, You Can!

Highest reporting flexibility with optimal usability, even for individual requirements

Today's managers and industry leaders expect quick reports on the current status of their projects and progress, their development over time and regular planning updates - ideally with a comparison of target and planned project data as well as the current status. COMAN delivers this in real time, including through direct contributions from project participants within a project. In addition, external data no longer needs to be analyzed, processed and migrated into your own data records before a report is created. With COMAN, you are always optimally prepared for the constantly changing requirements of projects.

The easiest solution in this context is standardized reporting using user-definable templates, such as a daily report, a weekly report and a management report. Our "Best Practice" reports from COMAN are based on the know-how of our customers and the experiences from our many years of customer support.
In addition, it is very simple to use your own reports or create new templates. Customer-specific requirements and issues are included and taken into account. The desired analyses, graphics and evaluations are presented as required in Excel, PowerPoint, Word format or in Power BI. It is also possible to create a report with an existing corporate design and make it usable.

Experience. Flexibility. Technology.

Best-practice experience from major customers and medium-sized companies in the field of project management, in a customizable and low-code-capable project management software

All associated applications and their functionalities have been developed from specific requirements and projects and therefore cover specific everyday needs. The solution thus combines the bundled know-how from years of practical experience with customers and their projects of all kinds. You too can benefit from our holistic and sustainable approach. By using state-of-the-art technology, unique USPs and practical development, users and customers receive the desired security of a standard solution that has not been unnecessarily inflated or does not meet the user's needs. 
  • Complete data integration from all upstream systems
  • Synchronization capabilities with upstream and downstream software systems
  • Versatile analysis functions, flexible dashboards and reports
  • Unique exchange within the COMAN community, through use cases, conferences and much more
  • Collaborative partner approach

Training and Seminars,
Support and Services

To make the deployment of the COMAN software in your company as efficient and productive as possible, you may choose among various options

In addition to the service hotline, our application specialists, customer support and account managers are always available to answer questions during project implementation. This means that all customers benefit from years of expertise and the transfer of know-how.
To guarantee long-term project success, we closely support the process owners in the implementation projects.
Every new customer starts with an implementation project, which we accompany personally and thus guarantee the long-term success of the project, while at the same time permanently ensuring the transfer of know-how in close coordination with the responsible party. We train the software users, key users and administrators and are also happy to take over the further training and familiarization of your employees at any time afterwards, either directly from us or through qualified partners.
To make the use of COMAN particularly efficient and productive, we offer you a range of optional services. We not only support personal onboarding, but are also available at any time for data analysis and data enrichment and are also happy to support the optimization of your projects in the long term through regular coordination and know-how transfer. We create customized reports according to your specifications or help with the adaptation of your templates. Many years of collaboration and the requirements of today's customers have resulted in professional additional services and short response times in order to meet your needs and requirements in a timely manner.
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Training and Seminars
Support and Services

To make the deployment of the COMAN software in your company as efficient and productive as possible, you may choose among various options.

In addition to our technical service hotline, our client advisers are available as competent contact persons even outside the normal project transaction to address questions regarding the know-how transfer issues and specific application issues. On the first Friday of each month, our product management presents the latest innovations for the COMAN software before they become available as monthly software releases to be activated by all clients.

During ongoing implementation projects, we provide the permanent kind of support for the know-how transfer that is so important for the long-term success of a project as we work in close consultation with the process owners on the client side. We train the key users and application administrators of our clients – and we will gladly handle the training and schooling of their staff any time.

Moreover, we offer a number of optional add-on services. For example, we will support you during the onboarding, data analysis and the data enrichment – especially when the data of large-scale acquisitions need to be imported. We will create customised reports according to your specifications or help with the customisation of the standards delivered. If needed, we will also provide human resources to help clients cope with peak workloads during the planning process or in the area of data analysis/data processing in the context of the transaction processes.

To make the deployment of the COMAN software particularly efficient and productive, we offer you a number of optional services. For example, we will set up the software for you, provide decisive support in the form of know-how for ongoing projects, or will train your staff in the use of the software. Put a different way: Professional add-on services are available to you – and you can count on short response times when calling our hotline.


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