Software created for advanced automotive projects

Gain more transparency in project monitoring and controlling.
Record project progress and open points via mobile app.
Grasp the entire project status in seconds.


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The German automotive industry tracks with COMAN

COMAN is the standard software for project management in the German automotive industry. OEMs as well as suppliers create a new form of visual project steering with COMAN. Keeping an eye on complex projects has never been easier. This is how.


Bye bye Excel, hello future!

Automotive projects are becoming increasingly complex. At the same time, the number of tools skyrocketed. We need a transformation in project management.

The problem:
  • increasing no. of software tools
  • many team members
  • numerous specifications
  • less time
  • lower budgets
Projektmanagement wird immer komplizierter, Software-Landschaften immer größer.

Software landscapes of project teams and suppliers
are getting bigger and bigger, but hardly are connected.

Image Project Management Structured

Centralize all project participants and software landscapes
within one system to achieve total transparency.


Connect. Centralize. Collaborate.

A single platform is needed that connects all software solutions with each other. Every team member always works with the latest version. No more compiling outdated data or chasing reports.

  • keep project data together across platforms
  • visual, transparent project management
  • capture and share project data in real-time
  • make information available worldwide

Bring all your project data together

Learn about the possibilities. Set up new projects, monitor, control or evaluate ongoing projects and digitize acceptance processes. There is the perfect solution for every phase and challenge in automotive project management.

  • monitor projects
  • control projects
  • track projects
  • evaluate projects

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An overview of our customers' expertise

Axis structure

Projects for chassis assembly lines with unprecedented transparency

Acceptance and Buy-off

Simply designing digital buy-off and acceptance processes

Ramp-up Management

Transparent and smooth control of ramp-up projects


Record and assign open points and monitor processing on the go

Maintenance planning

Manage large maintenance projects or small interruptions efficiently


Control the refitting of your car body lines as never before

Paint shop

Manage the construction and reconstruction of paint lines as a project

Assembly lines

Retool assembly lines even faster

Engine production

Setting up or converting production lines for engines quickly and without errors

Planning (NPD)

Capture the status of the entire product development process as a project in just one second


Projects related to the powertrain

Press shop

Safe execution of press shop projects from set-up to changeover

Test and quality stations

Digitally process checklists for the conversion of test benches

Quality assurance

Provide, monitor and control digital checklists, protocols or measurement reports centrally

Control Engineering

Set up and coordinate control engineering projects in one place


Monitor and control complex software rollout projects worldwide

Plant building and construction

Monitor and control entire factory construction projects

Tool Making and Life-Cycle-Management

Project management for the entire press tool life cycle


New departments are being tested


What our customers say

“70 percent fewer Open Points!”

“We had a significant cost reduction.”

"Great project delivery."