Intelligent Project Management Software for Utilities and Energy Service Providers

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We ensure continuous high standards through improved task management and milestone coordination. Stay connected and informed with seamless collaboration and mobile accessibility.With our software, the future of energy is in your hands.
Intelligent Project Management Software for Public Utilities and Energy Service Providers
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Your benefits in using COMAN



Model-based construction, central monitoring and control of new build and renovation projects.



Record maintenance work online or offline and document in an audit-proof manner.


Professional quality and defect management in accordance with standards and norms.

What does COMAN offer you?


Project Management Solutions for Municipal Utilities and Energy Suppliers

The requirements for public utilities and energy service providers are diverse. There will never be one software for all areas of application - or will there?

The COMAN tool kit for municipal utilities and supply companies comprises several mobile apps and browser applications as well as a higher-level master system.

Using centralized data management and interfaces to subsystems, we create what you have always wanted. Absolute control and transparency over all your public utility projects.

Project Tracking für municipal utilities and energy suppliers

Defect Fixing via the Mobile App

Track and record new open issues worldwide in the COMAN mobile app. Attach photos, videos, comments or a description of the problem and the responsible person will receive automatic email notifications after synchronization.

Monitoring Activities in the Dashboard

Our dashboard provides you with a daily overview of the defects recorded or fixed and the overall performance of your teams. Clear target-actual comparisons and location-based status reports make multi-project management easier for you. With COMAN, you can report all your project statuses as PDF, PowerPoint or Word with a simple click.

Public utilities and energy landscape

COMAN as a Partner for Energy Suppliers and Municipal Utilities

Today, COMAN is the leading provider of integrated software solutions for economical construction site management in the utilities industry. Many companies are already benefiting from the advantages of COMAN. With COMAN, all aspects of your project management can be improved more efficiently.

Areas of activity:

  • Public utilities and municipal suppliers
  • Energy suppliers and energy providers
  • Water supply and wastewater treatment
  • Public transportation and transport infrastructure
  • Telecommunications
  • Alternative energy supplies

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COMAN can be applied in the following areas of use


Overhead Power Line Construction

Simple management of the construction and maintenance of electrical overhead lines for rail traffic

Fiber Optic Installation

Support from the planning to the installation of fiber optic networks

Transport Infrastructure

Efficient implementation of transportation projects through optimal planning, coordination and control for roads, railways and bridges

Defect Management

Fix the open points with COMAN Mobile from anywhere


Record and assign open points on the move and monitor processing

 Electricity Line

COMAN optimizes power line management for a secure energy supply.

IT Equipment

Management, provision and monitoring of your IT equipment, software and infrastructure

Meter Installation

Installation, reading and replacement of new meters with COMAN

Vehicle Maintenance

Regular care and maintenance of public transportation such as public transport trains, subway trains and buses

Utility Infrastructure Project Management

Monitoring the progress of construction work in energy, water, gas and telecommunications networks

Collaboration with Subcontractors

Improve and evaluate cooperation with subcontractors and partners


Easily manage and track every checklist, even with mobile devices directly on site

Infrastructure Projects

Efficient management of all infrastructure projects - from roads to airports - from idea to implementation

Quality Management

Promote professional quality defect management in accordance with standards and norms

Construction Site Monitoring

Model-based setup, central monitoring and control of new construction and conversion projects

Solarpark Installation

Planning, installation and commissioning of solar parks made easy

Wind Turbine Construction

COMAN efficiently supports wind power projects from selection to integration into the network


New specialist areas are currently being tested


What our customers say

“70 percent fewer Open Points!”

“We had a significant cost reduction.”

"Great project delivery."